About Us

Local Communities Development Initiative (LoC-Din) is a not-for-profit and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded on a strong belief that an improved condition of life for every Nigerian is possible. LoC-Din envisions a situation where all communities in Nigeria are independent and self-sustaining, having adequate access to basic amenities that guarantee good life and prosperity.
Our mission is to promote socioeconomic development of local communities across Nigeria.
Our vision is to see a Nigeria where all local communities are independent and self-sustaining, prospering under an environmentally sustainable condition.
Promote socioeconomic development and livelihood opportunities for rural communities through entrepreneurship development, capacity building, sporting activities, arts and culture. See more on "Our Organization".
LoC-Din is managed based on the principles of accountability and good governance. This is achieved through our reporting and feedback mechanisms which ensure our donors and sponsors get detailed and transparent information about how their moneys are spent, as well as allowing complaints and feedbacks from our beneficiaries on all our communication channels including the online platforms. We have a young and energetic Board of Trustees which provide important advisory and management services that ensures LoC-Din operates optimally.


The foundation of LoC-Din is built on the following core objectives;
• Promoting socioeconomic development and livelihood opportunities for rural communities through entrepreneurship development, capacity building, sporting activities, arts and culture.
• Creating opportunities for the building of skilled and innovative local work force through research, trainings and development.
• Promote policies and programmes that support the development and expansion of agricultural and agro-allied skills and outputs across agrarian communities in Nigeria. • Providing opportunities and enabling environment for leadership capacity building for young people in Nigeria.
• Promoting gender inclusiveness and equal opportunity for women participation in governance and community development.
• Promoting policies and programmes that support community development in an environmentally friendly manner.
• Creating participatory platforms for dialogue in all matters related to community development.

LoC-Din works to improve livelihoods and promote socioeconomic development of local communities in Nigeria through skill acquisition & entrepreneurship; education; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); improved agriculture & food security; sports, arts and culture; and policy advocacies. These core areas of interventions as expanded below are in line with the Federal Government’s Vision 2020:20. They are also in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations which defines strategies to ensure quality life for local communities across the world.

Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship development
We empower local communities in Nigeria by teaching women and youths the required skills for personal development and self-reliance. We organize free mentorship trainings for young entrepreneurs and explore opportunities for apprenticeship programmes. This ensures young entrepreneurs receive mentorship support from already established organizations thus expanding their knowledge base.

Education is the bedrock for development in every society. Under our “share the knowledge” program, we educate the people at the grass root, especially youths, adolescent girls and women on career development, resources utilization and representative governance issues. We are committed to building both local and international partnerships in technology for increased innovations in education at Nigerian grass root communities. Quality and affordable education for all Nigerians remains core in our overall advocacy plan.

Water, Sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
Water is a free gift of nature to the entire living creature without which human inalienable rights to life is threatened. LoC-Din believes safe drinking water should be adequately available to all Nigerians irrespective of geographical locations, statuses, backgrounds and beliefs. Similarly, personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness are essential ingredients for healthy living. Although government across all levels in Nigeria is primarily responsible for providing adequate access to such basic amenities like safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for all Nigerians, LoC-Din complements the efforts of government in providing these life-saving resources (safe water, toilets and urinals) to rural and vulnerable communities across the country.

Improved Agriculture and Food Security
We are committed to agricultural development of local communities in Nigeria through our engagement with local farmers right in their communities. We create platforms for dialogue on skills development and expansion. We also explore important opportunities for linking farmers to finance. Other support activities provided by LoC-Din include facilitating access to agricultural inputs, policy advocacy for climate insurance for farmers and sharing lessons on international best practices.

Sports, Arts and Culture
LoC-Din commits to the promotion of sports, arts and cultural activities as viable platforms for youth development, creativity and innovative thinking required to face the daunting challenges of the 21st century world. We also use these platforms to foster peace and unity, especially among communities and groups estranged by conflicts in Nigeria.

Policy Advocacy
Beyond providing the platform for community development, LoC-Din engages in policy advocacy and seeks for political reforms that ensure rural communities are put in the national development radar.