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Improving Agriculture

Improved Agriculture and Food Security We are committed to agricultural development of local communities in Nigeria through our engagement with


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LoC-Din impacts lives in communities through emergency relief support, response and resilience building of both affected population and vulnerable groups. We facilitate and coordinate access to essential lifesaving assistance and protection for displaced people and migrants across communities in Nigeria through camp coordination and Camp management support.

We coordinate partners, map out services, identify gaps and advocate to the government, ministries/Parastetals, humanitarian agencies and relevant sectors for intervention where there is need.

We build the resilience of affected communities through community engagements and peace dialogues, communal assets creation and/or rehabilitation, agricultural expansion, entrepreneurship development and linkages to finance and markets.
Our beneficiaries include but not limited to Internalky Displaced Persons (IDPs) Returnees and host community members in any emergency situation in Nigeria. The extreme poor, sick, physically challenged, sexually abused and the marginalised form part of our teaming beneficiaries. LoC-Din tries to consider AGD - Age, Gender and Diversity in all its program areas such that vulnerability and gender mainstreaming are prioritized.

Since 2018, the organization has been supporting the humanitarian response coordination in the Nigeria's northeast through coordination of multi-sectorial assistance (Food, Health, Education, WASH, Protection, nutrition and livelihood) for IDPs, Returnees and host community members in Borno State, cutting across gender, age and diversities covering women, men, girls, boys, children and the aged. Those living with disabilities, minority groups and the marginalised are not left out as inclusive community participation is central to our projects sustainability.

Our Organization

The foundation of LoC-Din is built on the following core objectives; • Promoting socioeconomic development and livelihood opportunities for rural communities through entrepreneurship development, capacity building, sporting activities, arts and culture.